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“Dr. Miller is the most kind and compassionate doctor I have ever seen and I’ve been to a lot of doctors due to a disability! He and his office manager are consistently kind and helpful. My first encounter with Dr. Miller was an appointment for my daughter. She had a very sore toe and was in a lot of pain. They “squeezed” her in as a last appointment at the end of their day and ended up having to stay over an hour late as her toe took a long time and more numbing medicine than most require to become numb. Dr. Miller could have gone ahead and proceeded to work on her toe before it was completely numb but he refused to touch her until he was 100% sure she would feel nothing, what could have turned into a traumatizing experience for her was actually a pleasant experience, (I was traumatized watching but she told jokes and laughed through the procedure.) My family and I have gone to no one else since, Dr. Miller not only really knows his stuff but also has a kind and compassionate heart – who could ask for more?” - V. D.

“I am scared of needles, so Dr. Miller was so kind and understanding during my ingrown toenail removal. He made sure I was completely numb before starting, the procedure was quick and easy, and I’ve had no problems since. Dr. Miller is both knowledgeable and personal, and I would recommend him to anyone!” - R. P.

“Some ten years ago I consulted with Dr. Miller on my recurring achilles tendon injuries and back issues. I couldn’t play singles tennis or hike more than 3 miles without pain. The orthotics I received have been so effective that I have played singles tennis, and can hike 13 miles – without pain. Thank you Dr. Miller!” - A. O.

“I had injured a toe on a mountain hike and was unable to see any physicians until I contacted Dr. Miller’s office. He was able to see me that afternoon and immediately took care of the injured toe. It is nice to know a physician who understands bikers and runners. I would definitely recommend Dr. Miller to anyone needing treatment on their feet.” - J. R.

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